HR Technology

OrchestrateHR has created an enterprise level Human Resource Management System (HRMS) consisting of a single architecture, Oracle database. This HRMS technology allows a small business to access the technology solutions of larger corporations at a lower cost point than a technology purchase (i.e., cloud computing). Our HRMS platform is designed to eliminate the need to manage multiple HR vendors and systems and manage the entire employee life cycle in a single application with one vendor.

HR Consulting

Our HR consulting operations are designed to offer a variety of outsourcing services for employees such as data entry/process, compliance, and standard operating procedures.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

OrchestrateHR is a fully licensed & bonded TPA for ancillary benefit support services such as COBRA, Section 125, Billing Consolidation, HRA, and Claims Adjudication and Payment. Our ability to offer all ancillary benefit support services gives our clients the efficiency and reduced cost associated with dealing with a single vendor.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Our oldest business unit is still in place to this day. As a full service employee benefits brokerage & consulting firm, we represent hundreds of carriers and thousands of plan designs. This tenure gives our firm a unique advantage in putting together the most effective package for our clients.

Managing General Underwriter (MGU)

OrchestrateHR has been an MGU for over 20 years. This model allows OrchestrateHR to underwrite and issue various insurance policies including major medical and reinsurance. This ‘direct underwriting’ model gives our clients a tremendous pricing advantage over dealing with the traditional brokerage channels.